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From Puff Piece to Power Pitch:
The Language Of Success

Internationally renowned speaker, strategist, and consultant Laurie Richards helps organizations transform communication and boost their bottom line

Laurie Richards is hailed by organizational leaders around the globe as a high-impact expert in business communications. From hundred-thousand-dollar to half-a-billion-dollar deals, Laurie is called upon as a trusted resource by organizations that want to close on new business powerfully, effectively, and consistently.

“If you want to win new business, diminish conflict, upgrade your presentations, and work more effectively as a team,” says Laurie, “you’ve got to improve your emotional intelligence and presentation skills.”

Laurie helps her clients become:

- More effective communicators.
- More persuasive presenters.
- More successful salespeople.
- More productive fundraisers.
- More successful teammates.

“My clients include associations, small businesses, government agencies, and Fortune 100 companies,” Laurie notes, “and this isn't the training of old that focuses on theory lectures. It's interactive, practical, and tailored to meet the needs of the audience — whomever I’m working with. The information, tips, ideas, and examples they get are specific to their needs. For instance, when it comes to new business pitches, I work directly with clients to figure out the specific, strategic way to tailor the pitch for the target company and their audience. My diverse background in advertising, public relations, communications, and psychology means organizations get little-known techniques that really work, including techniques their competition isn't using!”

Learning to Be More Than Just “Good At What You Do”

Being an expert in your field is great, but if you can’t talk about it effectively with others, you’re selling yourself — and your business — short.

“It’s not enough to be good at what you do,” says Laurie. “You have to be able to tell people about it!”

Whether clients need to upgrade an old, tired elevator pitch, close more business deals, or harness more power out of teamwork, Laurie uses her unique blend of psychology tools, communication tools, and a fun and engaging presentation style to maximize results.

“Contrary to popular belief,” Laurie shares,“communication is not talking; it's not writing; it's not even listening. Communication is saying what the other party needs to hear in order to understand your message. In today's world of infinite communication media, you have to be able to articulate your message in a way that resonates with your audience, regardless of whether you're delivering that message by speaking or writing.”

What Her Clients Are Saying

“We’ve been using Laurie on an ongoing basis for presentation preparation and communication training for more than 15 years. We attribute our success in winning our largest and most important projects — some in excess of $100 million, and collectively more than $1 billion since we started using her — directly to the principles and lessons that she’s taught us. Working with Laurie has been truly transformational for our organization.”

Timothy Kelly, Vice President
The Norwood Company

“Thanks to Laurie’s insight, I was able to completely change our pitch and delivery in order to successfully aid in comprehension and importance of our corporation’s PAC. Her sessions encouraged me to really get down to specifics and focus on how I can not only attain interest during the presentation, but also inform, engage, and prep for an ask. She is a tremendous asset and I couldn’t be more thankful for her knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help us all be successful.”

Francesca Toya
Government & Public Relations
DynCorp International

“Laurie is exceptional at identifying individual talents and helping each person build on their own distinct strengths while they simultaneously gain greater confidence and broaden their overall perspectives. One of the best things about working with her is that she teaches you how to streamline the creative process. Many of our team members have praised her for showing them how to quickly organize their thoughts and outline key topics for discussions. We are fortunate to have Laurie as a trainer and advisor, and I’m extremely pleased with her programs.”

April Parsley
Vice President, Corporate Marketing
F.A. Wilhelm Construction

“For more than five years, Laurie Richards has provided the members of my association with outstanding and innovative presentation training services to help them meet the challenges of their jobs and enhance their careers. I continue to marvel at her enthusiastic, courteous, creative, and professional approach to a wide variety of topics and her ability to ‘read’ participants’ inhibitions and then bring out the best in them every time. My members have repeatedly told me that Laurie’s sessions are the best they’ve ever attended, and keep asking for more! She brings her ‘A’ game to the table for clients every single day.”

Geoff Ziebart
Executive Director
National Association of Business Political Action Committees

“Laurie’s skill in front of a classroom is not only effective, but my folks retain what she taught them. And to take it one step further, they now frequently display those skills in their day-to-day jobs, which in my world is high praise indeed. I wish I'd have sent all of my officers through one of her courses!”

Joe L.
U.S. Government Agency

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